Remember Remember, the 6th of September


After 14th August, all of the Pakistan keenly awaits 6th September. A day of pride, victory and much more for Pakistan. The day , WE (Pakistani) showed the world what we are capable of. The day we proved that, when it comes to our defense, our country’s pride every child is a soldier and every man is a warrior.

6th of September is a golden chapter in the history of Pakistan, when Pakistan, its military and people stood united in 1965 in defense of Pakistan. September 6th, 1965 will be live in our national history, a day to remember for valiant men & women, who sacrificed their day for our present and future days. When the PAF rose to meet the challenge of Indian military aggression by launching full-scale air war in accordance with Air War Plan of June 29, 1965 by registering its name in the annals of air warfare against numerically superior Indian Air Force.

Yes, Pakistan has seen its fair share of ups and downs but there is not a single moment in my life where I felt hopeless. We know what we can do and we do it without thinking of the consequences. We do it because our soil, our motherland is a cordial part of our existence. We do it because we owe it to all the soldiers, warriors who sacrificed their today for our brighter, better future. 

As far as India, and its threats are concerned, i would love to take this opportunity to tell them one last time, “If you mess with the bull, You’ll get the horns” 



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